Behind The Lens

I wasn’t going to write an ‘about me’ page but after consulting with some professionals about this idea, I was convinced that clients should know who their photographer is. So here is a little bit about me:

I like to read. I love to take walks on the beach. I enjoy spending time with my family. OMG…this is so boring and I feel like I am writing a personal ad. Let’s try this again and this time I’m going to dig deeper.

I LOVE stale peeps. I save them for years and eat them.

I like larger bathroom stalls. Not sure why.

I always fall for “Would you like to buy one of our $17 bottles of shampoos?” So I do, only to be disappointed because my hair never smells like it does when I leave a salon.

I once taught art in both a Catholic and Jewish school. I hated that I couldn’t use the same plan book.

I will beat you in skee ball, trust me.

I love to dance (not that I’m any good at it, but I still love it). But I am pretty sure I could probably beat Kate Gosslin on Dancing with the Stars.

Someday I want to be the tram driver at Onondaga Lake Parkway or the monorail driver at Disney World. I can say “please stand clear of the doors; por favor manténganse se alejado de las puertas..” a million times a day.

I love to have conversations in an operatic voice (some might find this annoying, especially in public).

I think I’m funny and while I’m laughing at myself, I turn to see my husband looking at me like I’m the biggest dork ever, and then I stop.

I have a special whistle for both my sister and husband when we are in a store…to find them. People look at me funny when I do it.

I save my hair after a shower and spread it out near my garden because it keeps the deer and bunnies away.

I enjoy sucking the boogers from my kids noses with the little blue bulb (don’t ask).

I love to eat mayo sandwiches (ewww gross right?).

I write things on my ‘to do’ list even if I’ve already done it just so I can cross it off.

I still have my baby blanket (with burn holes) and sleep with it every night.

I love to drink Pepto Bismol even when I don’t have a stomach ache.

Ok now on a more serious note:

I have had a camera in my hands since I was seven. My mom and dad got me a Kodak 110, pink and yellow. It takes great pics so I still use it (NOT). I should find that birthday pic and post it here. Anyway, so pretty much since then I’ve been the family photographer, although back then I think I may have cut people’s heads off (not on purpose).

I am a self taught photographer; just a lot of practice with my camera and editing. And so when my daughter was born and my husband decided to go back to school after losing his job, I decided to supplement our income and start Photos by Tiffany (I know. What a generic name). It has blossomed so much since opening in fall 2009.

First and foremost I am a wife and a mommy to three beautiful kids. That’s who inspires me to take pictures. I see how quickly they grow and want to capture special moments of their lives; the little toes and fingers, the feet in the mouth, the drool, their ‘isms’, and their spirit and personality too. I LOVE IT. I love photographing people and getting them to share with me their most genuine smile.

My sister Melissa once asked me how I could do this; how is this fun, while photographing her 1 year old and my 18 month old. We just laughed. Neither would cooperate but sometimes those are the best pictures to capture.